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Get ready To Guac Off!

I’m excited about our new team building exercise that dares to ask: Are You Game For Some Guac? That’s right…we will be debuting our infamous Guac Off this month! This delicious event features live guacamole-making competition with a judge! (no experience or supplies necessary…we bring everythi8ng) Plus guacamole taste testing and more tasty southwestern games...

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Viral Videomakers Team Bilding Exercise

Ready for the next big thing? Teams plan and produce a series of trendsetting Viral Videos, designed to take the world (or at least the internet) by storm. A crash course in videomaking techniques, brainstorming games and high energy humor combine to create a fun-filled team bonding experience!

Viral Videomakers is a new program...

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Innovation Treasure Hunt

We ran a fabulous edition of the Innovation Treasure Hunt recently at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. The group was amazing and, after some dynamic warm-up games, really leapt into the team building exercise with energy and enthusiasm. (the Innovation Hunt is a strategic twist on an old-fashioned scavenger hunt and promotes creative thinking and brainstorming...

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Anything Goes

An unusual twist on the classic scavenger hunt, Go Team Building and Philly Hops both offer the innovative Anything Goes Treasure Hunt an unpredictable team building exercise that challenges teams to capture photos of amusing, often hilarious situations. The Anything Goes Hunt is not geographically dependant and can be played indoors, outdoors, in an urban, suburban or rural setting....

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Your group deserves the right team building game for your exact needs and personality types. For this reason, we avoid ‘cookie cutter’ programs and work hard to design or modify team building exercises to fit the tastes and requirements of your group.

Both Philly Hops Team Building and Go Team Building offer One-on-One Consultation services to...

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When teams have fun, they are positioned to absorb positive lessons. Sometimes, this impact is very subtle and gradual, and is really driven by the experiential aspect of the activity. (when people share an experience, they learn more about each other, strengths, weaknesses, bonding lessons). Sometimes, the impact is made more obvious with...

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Red Carpet Results: Making Awards

Some groups really get into our Fast Video Challenge team building program and roll out the red carpet with an Awards Show at the end, to provide recognition for the teams’ video projects and a little Hollywood-style pomp and circumstance.

Check out a slideshow for a recent Lightning Fast Video Challenge Awards Show here

We offer this...

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Most people are very familiar with games that promote competition, the majority of games do. Whether they are sporting events, tabletop games or card games: cooperative games are more elusive.

While some games have a cooperative element mixed in (games with teams, for example), they are often still competitive. In team games, the team...

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Things have been going very well with our new Tapas Mixer Team Building Program, where teams work together to create irresistible snacks with an international flair. See a fun slide show of Tapas Mixer here Delicacies include Andalusian Gazpacho, Prosciutto, Fig & Goat Cheese Quesadillas, Spanish Omelets, Blueberry Sangria Lemonade and much much more. We love cooking team...
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Teams Hit The Streets OgOf Philadelphia

Temple University had a fabulous event this week that combined indoor Olympics team building games with a fast-paced outdoor Scavenger Hunt in the downtown Philadelphia area. The game blended healthy competition with cooperation in a high-energy team building activity that was both challenging and rewarding.

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