Team Building: All Around Atlanta

teambuilding-activities-With the modernized look, newly-built structures, and latest developments, Atlanta is spearheading the rise and advancement of the new and progressive South. Atlanta’s rapid expansion and quick progression place it at the forefront of the fastest growing metropolitan areas of the country, and that is definitely in pace with our high-energy, resourceful, and fun team building and training programs.

From street cafes to al fresco dining to exquisite restaurants, Atlanta offers many choices of dining venues for our popular food-focused team building challenges. Under the guidance of professional chefs, participants can test their culinary skills doing Building Chocolate Bridges, Chocolate Therapy, or our Trees (snacks) of Wishes program created by teams for philanthropic donations.

Teams can participate in some healthy competition, work together, and achieve one goal by having a Great Chili Cook-Off or a Team Tapas. If they’d rather engage in a mental game, a Game Show will challenge the group’s problem-solving and communication skills and let them sit and enjoy their meal at the same time.

Piedmont Park, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and Zoo Atlanta in Grant Park are all wonderful sites for our outdoor treasure hunts and scavenger hunts. Have an Amazing Adventure Treasure Hunt while surrounded by animals in the Zoo Atlanta. The Stone Mountain provides great scenery for the Polaroid Photo Treasure Hunt. The Limousine Treasure Hunt can take groups all around the three districts of Atlanta, namely Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead. Relive the Olympics in the Centennial Olympic Park and create your own mini-version with the Record Breakers team building game.

Our in-demand Fast Video Challenge and Video Treasure Hunt lets budding filmmakers create their own video production companies. Participants in this challenge are sure to build team camaraderie and their strategy and decision-making skills. The Philips Arena, Georgia Dome, Georgia World Congress Center, CNN Center, and the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta are all just as a stone’s throw away from each other and would serve as terrific backdrops for film ideas.

Location-specific team building programs can be tailor made for Atlanta. With places like the Atlanta History Center, Carter Center, High Museum of Art, Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum, and the New World of Coca-Cola exhibit, groups in Atlanta can plan their team building sessions according to their specific needs.

All Philly Hops team building activities and training programs offered in Atlanta are innovative, creative, and enjoyable for all participants. They are meant to be fun and exciting ways of building trust, encouraging innovation and creativity, promoting teamwork, enhancing communication, increasing motivation, reinforcing work relationships, and developing leadership within members of a group. Essential team and work values are learned and instilled in our team building programs in a light, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere.

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Atlanta Corporate Team Building by Limousine

West-Palm-Beach-FL-airport-car-service-limousine-town-limo-rental-transportation-business-luxury-party-rent-stretch-weddingHere is an article we wrote about team building by Limousine in Atlanta:

Looking for a corporate team building activity with a touch of class and a dose of high-speed adventure? Then a treasure hunt in a stretched limousine is what you’re after. This corporate team building adventure promises you a heart pumping, interactive ride as you race through the streets of Atlanta.

In a nutshell, the basic package includes a chauffeur-driven limousine, digital cameras, and a scavenger hunt list. Basically, it includes the elements of a typical scavenger hunt: clues, puzzles, maps, lists, passwords.

However, this is not your typical average treasure hunt. There’s a time limit, and since you’re in a limo, this team building activity is designed to cover a lot of ground – literally. Team members not only have to strategize and figure out the most efficient route but they have to be decisive as well, as the clock will be ticking fast. They will also need to bring their heads together in choosing which items to prioritize. Should they go after the small point but easy to do task, or the big point but difficult one?

Since you’ll be directing your chauffeur through your own desired route, team members will have to take into consideration a number of variables. Traffic flow is one of them.

The activity is not simply programmed to give you a constant adrenaline rush, as you can also sit back and enjoy the luxurious ride in between tasks; all in the cozy enclosure of your limo. You can expect to be driven through historical spots, landmarks or chic hotels, bars and restaurants on your way to picking up items on your list, solving puzzles or going to the next required spot on the map.

The hunts can be customized to fit your organization or your own objectives. The ride can be through plush establishments or through eco-friendly sceneries as parks and zoos or through more culturally inclined landmarks such as museums. For those who are not familiar with the Atlanta terrain, here are some notable locations: For indoor spots, there is the Georgia Aquarium, Underground Atlanta, SciTech, and The Atlanta Museum of Fine Arts. Outdoors, there’s Stone Mountain Park, Six Flags Over Atlanta, Atlanta Botanical Gardens and Unicoi State Park.

Stopping by significant spots, you can click away and collect photos as you capture the moment when you find a required item or simply complete a required task. When the day is done, you can keep the photos as a treasure to remind you of that once-in-a-lifetime fun-filled treasure hunt.

This stylish corporate team building activity is a favorite of big companies who recognize the moral boosting benefit that it offers. Most organizations that have booked this hilarious team building activity did it to celebrate achieved successes, a team bonding experience, as a kick offs to training sessions, or sales conferences.

Chocolate Therapy Team Building in Atlanta

Prize-Winning-Chocolate-Cake-6inch_2Time to get that sweet tooth into action! Discover a delicious way of doing corporate team building through a fun yet loaded business challenge that’s sure to get those marketing strategies, creative juices, and well, taste buds going into overtime.

Like all other team building activities, this program is not an all-fun (or eat for that matter)-and-no-work session, because even while delving into loads of chocolate, the participants should still keep in mind that ultimate goal: to come up with a chocolate product to beat all chocolates – and with “healing” powers to boot!

In the course of the Chocolate Therapy team building activity, the participants will have to go through the whole business process, and even if they do already have the general concept of the end product, the design, formulation, production, packaging and promotion would still be their ideas. The team members will certainly be able to use their various skills and experience to good use in this activity, while developing camaraderie and respect amongst them.

The whole process for this particular corporate team building activity is fairly straightforward. A large group of say 10-200 persons, is divided into smaller teams of about 5-10 members, and in a kind of “chocolate treasure hunt”, the teams are assigned to a distinct chocolate flavor which they would need to find amidst a sea of other equally delicious and unique samples. Sounds delectably easy, huh? Now on to the more challenging part: each of the teams will then have to create a new chocolate “cure” using not just their individual chocolate flavors but also some significant clinical data, a sense of humor and adventure, and a whole lot of ingenuity and creativity. A one minute-commercial showcasing the end product, written and performed by the team members themselves, fittingly ends the program.

In this fun-filled, corporate team building activity, participants will be able to reap benefits not normally addressed as innovatively in the regular work session; among them improved communication and presentation skills, team unity and coordination, resourceful problem solving, and the ability to adapt to individual behaviors for optimal team performance. The relaxed and highly creative atmosphere doesn’t hurt one bit, and only adds to the positive energy shared.

Corporate team building through chocolate therapy is one of the more unique and entertaining team building activities to emerge these days when company events are getting more vibrant and dynamic in approach. It was originally initiated with a pharmaceutical company in mind but has now become popular choice with other companies of any size and industry as well. The session is quite flexible and may last for at least 2 hours, maybe a little more, depending on the additional activities or criteria. Venue can be anywhere indoors from a conference room, a sizeable meeting area, or even a private dining area in a restaurant.

Sure to elicit a host of inspired ideas, not a few friendships, some comical acts, and more importantly, a whole lot of laughs, Chocolate Therapy Team Building in Atlanta is definitely not your everyday team building experience.

The Benefits of Team Building

Team building is any situation or exercise that promotes unity among a group. The group can be part of a business or organization, but team building is effective with any type of group. For the purposes of this article we will consider team building in a business environment.

The benefits of team building have been proven time and time again, which is why there are so many resources available to help you achieve your goals. Let’s look at some of those benefits.


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of team building is the resulting bond between the members after the exercise is complete. While co-workers relate to each other one way in the workplace, they will relate to each other a whole new way while on a team building exercise. Participants from various levels of management and departments will need to work together as equals, allowing people to view each other as individuals rather than co-workers. This gives them a chance to bond, as opposed to only having a working or business relationship.


If office productivity isn’t where it should be, but the cause isn’t easily identifiable, team building can help to bring the groups strengths and weaknesses to light. By placing employees in a variety of situations that require them to work together as a solid unit, it may be easier to pinpoint the reason that projects are delayed and productivity isn’t up to where it should be. Recognizing that there are communication issues, personality challenges or silo issues within your organization is the first step towards solving the problem and getting the company back on track.


Nothing can benefit an organization more than a boost in morale. Unhappy or dissatisfied employees are detrimental to a companies’ productivity and the attitude can spread like wildfire. Allowing your group time to have fun and avoid the pressures and politics of the office can provide a much needed boost, release some stress, and restore a sense of pride and purpose back in to the game.

The benefits of team building can be felt at every level and can go a long way towards improving your work environment and flow. By encouraging your participants to find success as a group rather than individually you are showing them what they are capable of both in and out of the office.

Corporate Team Building Treasures of Atlanta

team-buildingHere is a article written about team building in Atlanta and a variety of programs that are available.


Corporate team building in Atlanta is beneficial for any company and can be an adhesive to keep team members glued together. Some of the benefits of Atlanta corporate team building include improving communication skills, boosting team morale, developing problem solving skills, promoting teamwork and leadership skills, and most of all, having lots of fun while learning.

Below are four types of team building activities that you can utilize when doing team building in Atlanta. These are personality, skills, activity and problem solving-based team building techniques. The personality-based team building focuses on learning one’s own personality as well as the personalities of fellow team members. In the skills-based team building, team members undergo workshop sessions where they will learn leadership skills that can be applied in the workplace. In problem solving-based team building, team members identify problems that the team experiences, and then they give an apt solution for it.

Perhaps the most exciting of these types of corporate team building activities is the activity-based team building, wherein the team members participate in challenging tasks done in indoor or outdoor settings.  In these cases, team members are given an avenue to build up team camaraderie in a creative way.

One of the most popular methods of activity-based team building is through treasure hunts, which are done often in Atlanta. There are different themes for treasure hunts which add variety. One of them done in Atlanta is the Space-Time Treasure Hunt, which is an exciting time traveling twist for an Atlanta team building activity.

In this treasure hunt, the 2013 team is said to be contacted by top executives from the same company, but from the year 2063. The 2063 team asks the current team to send them information and products from 2013 that they might be able to use to create innovations in the future. The goal of the team, then, is to photograph these products and begin an inter-time collaboration with the 2058 team members. This team building activity is good for 8 to 200 people, divided into 5-10 people per  groups, and will last for about 3-4 hours.

Another popular corporate team building Atlanta activity is the Amazing Adventure Hunt, wherein the team will embark on an expedition to discover rare life forms. The teams explore makeshift (imaginary) wilds in search of the legendary beast. By answering questions, taking photographs, recording audio, making sketches, and gathering artifacts, the team will be able to identify and find the mythical creature.  Each team will then report their findings to the other teams, which is a way to practice communication skills and creative problem solving as well as presentation skills.

The Limousine Treasure Hunt is another variation of treasure hunts.  In this Atlanta team building activity the teams ride in a limousine that will enable them to navigate a treasure hunt map full of clues and city points of interest. Talk about fun, learning  and excitement in a corporate team building activitiy. Around 10-150 participants can book for this activity, which will last for about 4 hours.  This treasure hunt team building activities encourages strategic thinking, and promotes effective group decision-making.

You can choose from many different sites in Atlanta to conduct your team building activities. Two very popular sites are Station Square and One Oxford Center but it doesn’t really matter where you decide to conduct your corporate team building Atlanta program, what matters is that you achieve your goal of strengthening the team to keep your company ahead of your competitors.

Teams That Produce and Have Fun

team_workIn the film ‘Cocktail’, the character portrayed by Tom Cruise learned to have fun as a bartender by stepping out of the ‘usual’, the ‘expected’. Work became fun as they tossed around the bottles and danced their way through customer service. They were making money before but this new way of working increased their fun component, therefore bringing in more people and consequently more money. Their productivity and their engagement increased in direct proportion to their fun factor.

The Pike Street Fish Market in Seattle Washington started out as a small fish stand and grew to a large enterprise supplying the people of Seattle with fresh fish on a daily basis. Sure, the fish market was productive…after all, the money was flowing in. What was missing was team passion, a philosophy of fun, and openness to be extraordinary. A transformation was needed. The employees were ready.

Organizations thrive and grow with change but change can be scary. People need strong leadership, coaching and mentoring and encouragement and permission (sometimes) to let go of their fears and take the plunge into unknown waters. They need to see value and take ownership of the changes for them to be real. They need to hold hands and jump together as a team into the deep end to make significant change.

Through four key principles, the fish market transformed itself into a purposeful fun place where theatrical performances were specific, commitment was high and antics, such as the throwing of fish, were encouraged:
1. Play – is not a prescribed task. It is freedom to explore, to think creatively, to be lighthearted, to be curious, to trust the possibilities, to love people and to renew energy.
2. Make Their Day – is not just a comment from a Clint Eastwood movie. It is about the contagious ripple effect of fun, laughter, engagement and unique attention – to people, to detail, to each other – to make the world a better place and to generate great and hilarious memories at work!
3. Be There – or be square! People are the heart and soul of an organization. Teamwork is all about working together, being authentic and fully present with and for people. Leaders are cheerleaders, coaches and mentors. Followers make their day through being extraordinary.
4. Choose Your Attitude – and your legacy. How you perceive the glass as half empty or half full…how you relate to or are perceived by others…is key to the success of your team.

Try this with your team. Let them play….purposefully. Create a play-place for work. It starts with freeing people from pre-conceived notions on how to behave, throwing out the constraints of the ‘expected’, looking forward to the unexpected. Organize an impromptu contest. The “Who Am I?” contest. Task one of your free-spirited leaders (could be the receptionist!) with portraying a character. The leader dresses as that character for 2 days while colleagues on the team take photos, interview and question the leader, and discuss with each other to identify the character. They submit their guesses for a draw. Next week, a new character. Continue this until all team members have participated. Then, hold a planning session where everyone comes in their character. Lots of fun! They tell stories about the experience and identify what is important to them in a workplace. Using this new philosophy of fun, they design the play-place of their future. Fun is fundamental to productivity. Create a culture statement of who you want to be. The passion and energy that brought the individuals to the team will be re-ignit

Washington DC Team Building with the Amazing Adventure Treasure Hunt

images (5)

Washington DC is an ideal getaway for team building adventures. A city rich in history and culture. it is the seat of the federal government and a host to people of different nations and traditions. It is also the unrivaled home of the biggest collection of historical buildings in the USA. Some of the places that will excite a visitor to visit Washington DC include the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Capital Building, the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian Museums, the National Zoo and Old Town Alexandria. The sheer variety of places to visit alone encourages the holding of team building activities in the city.

Visiting and holding team building activities in Washington DC gives hardworking employees a chance to relax and get to know each other. The essential elements that help create a team that works well and efficiently such as trust, communication, collaboration, leadership and role clarity, are best developed through team building activities such as this.

A team building activity that people can participate in when in the Washington DC area is the very unique Adventure Treasure Hunt hosted by Philly Hops Corporate Team Building. The Amazing Adventure treasure hunt gets team members to use their imagination to the fullest – because they will be searching for the creature that lives in their most fertile imaginations. It is such a mysterious creature that it has neither been written about nor has it been photographed. It is more mysterious than the Loch Ness Monster “Nessie” or Big Foot and exists only in rumors and whispers.

Members of the team building group are then to search for this creature in the wilds, which in Washington DC would involve searching the streets next to the famous historical buildings. The creature is created from the team members’ definition. They define it by answering questions, using photography, audio recording devices and sketching.

This adventure can have 5 to 10 participating groups and lasts about 4 hours. The teams will meet at a specified place after they have been out on their search and will now attempt to outdo one another on the depth of the mystery of their creature. Each group will use all the evidence they have gathered in profiling their mystery creature. It is recommended that this adventure be done in a lively commercial area. The various teams participating in this treasure hunt also have a ball in the process of trying to outdo each other.

Philly Hops Team Building adventures put a new twist on a classic game loved by all. Nothing promotes unity like a Scavenger Hunt. These scavenger hunts also help develop skills such as never giving up by overcoming beliefs in things that limit them. Once the teams come back together, they use highly sought after presentation skills to demonstrate their findings to the group. Another added benefit of the hunts is the use of time management skills. They only have a few hours to answer the clues that will lead them to their creature. Philly Hops takes team building into a whole new direction. It is sure to be an event that your teams won’t forget.

4 Benefits of Corporate Team Building Activities

images (7)1. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce

In the work place these days it’s very easy not to know everyone. Some might just be there to work on the short-term projects they are assigned, other for financial and security purposes, others are there for the work alone. How would you know that the person in the next desk is a detail oriented person, self starter or maybe a leader? Or perhaps he/she can’t work under pressure. Things like these can’t be seen by working near each other, focusing on your task or being friendly with your co workers. A team building activity can enable you and your co workers to get to know each others strengths and weaknesses by working together on a particular activity and then examining the team process of your group.

2. Breaking down boundaries between staff

High walls and boundaries often exist around the work place. Some employees tend put themselves on above their co-workers while others are just simply followers. We cannot deny this happens. In a team building activity all members are equal and what everyone aims for is to reach a common goal by supporting each other and building strategies on how to reach for the goal.

3. Improving skills and communication through the construct of common goals

Real team building activities are not just fun and games. They enhance and develops problem solving abilities, creativity, organizational skills and communication in order to attain one common goal. They also develop trust and confidence within team members and create an atmosphere of respect and rapport with workmates.

4. Both individual and group benefits can be relayed back to the office environment

After the fun activity you experienced with the whole team, application is the next step when you go back to the office. The skills you have developed during the activity help you improve the work that you do together. After all experience is always the best teacher. And it’s always nice to work in a environment where everyone is at peace.

Its also nice to get out of the office together. Especially when you can do so as a team, in order to participate in fun activities that will strengthen your bonds by building trust and improving communication; which is why so many companies choose to invest in corporate team building activities.

Team building activities allow for an even greater exploration and improvement of the potential of everyone, by giving people more varied options for working together and a greater length of time in which to do so. From a program like chocolate therapy to a movie making program or a treasure hunt, corporate team building activities take many forms – the best of which are designed to improve company cohesion whilst providing an unforgettable experience that your employees will talk about for years to come.

Collaboration and Cooperation: Working Effectively in Teams

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“You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.” Indira Gandhi

INTRODUCTION: Team Building In Relationship To This Article

What does Cooperation and Collaboration signify when talking about Team Building? How can these two help a team successfully achieve their goals? If we dig deeper into it, cooperation is the development of the individual, not against others, but with others. While, collaboration is an activity where two or more people work together as part of the processes towards shared goals such as a team building activity.

Cooperation and Collaboration are cousins. They go together like peanut butter and jam. If you look in a thesaurus, you might see them defining each other. For our purpose, we will treat them as Siamese twins. Happily, “You can’t have one without the other”. It is a big step in an organization to create collaborative teams. Luckily, there are tried and true hints from many authors and these establish a workable process for us. Collaborative teams are all about people; however, as we all know and recognize, people are complex beings.

Personalities and agendas come into play. Conflicts may emerge. Roles may collide. Generations may collide. There are many variables but effective planning and strategizing, setting values and principles for the collaborative process, and opening the door wide enough for the creative process to emerge will establish a great environment for the collaborative process to develop.

In team building, the cooperation of each team member is needed in order for them to achieve their shared goals. But cooperation alone is not enough to achieve goals in a team building activity. Collaboration needs to be part of the game.

Perhaps these tried and true hints will help:

• Choose your collaborative team members wisely. Ensure that their talents, knowledge and skills can effectively contribute to the desired outcome and are complementary to other members intellectually, technically, socially and for the inevitable decision-making. Then, empower them.

• Make sure that all of the resources needed are available. This can take the tension away on that note. Nothing is worse than being asked to do a job that is under-resourced!

• Get to know your team members individually and collectively. Encourage their hearts and minds to expand and stretch as you consider the questions and the viable options. Know their weaknesses as well so they don’t haunt you later!

• Engage in story-telling so collaborative team members get to know each other on a personal level. Talk about their experiences with teamwork. Help them get the ‘feeling’ of a collaborative team, get the elephants out of the way and surface the man-eating tigers!

• Together, identify a doable pathway (respecting timetables) to get there with achievable and real milestones along the way to celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. The ‘Yes, we can! attitude!

• Talk about having emotional intelligence – an understanding of personal responses to and ways of being in a situation. Be ready to mediate where needed. Be ready to create work partners where needed. Trust is established when everything is out on the table, linen is aired appropriately within the team, and competition gives way to cooperation and mutual support.

• Ensure open communication channels and make sure communication is clear, effective and timely.

• Model and foster mutual accountability. Be prepared to share the glory and the not so glorious.

You can’t have cooperation without collaboration and collaboration without cooperation while performing team building activities. If you utilize the combination in your team work while performing Team Building activities then it will be easy for you to achieve team goals. Not just during team building exercises but also in the real work place.

Cooperation and collaboration rely on people. People have attitudes that they choose every day. Make sure that your collaborative team has an open, honest, authentic and committed attitude by creating the atmosphere for creativity to flow, trusting their work, and encouraging their hearts. Take a Philly Hops workshop experience to learn about collaboration and have fun along the way!

Anything Goes Video Team Building Treasure Hunt launching in Washington DC


Here is a soon to be posted new Press Release.  For all you DC guys – hope you enjoy it!

Companies in Washington, D.C. will be among the first to enjoy a twist on the always popular Anything Goes Treasure Hunt offered by Betty Robinson, team building expert and owner of Philly Hops Ltd. The business is expanding its new Video Treasure Hunt experience into Washington, a program that offers a twist on the ever-popular team building treasure hunt theme.

“A treasure hunt is always fun and the launch of our new video hunt elevates it to exciting,” said Robinson. “The clues are fun, the solutions are creative and video makes the action even more fast paced.”

The video treasure hunt technique is unique to Philly Hops and features a range of ever-changing clues to keep each quest new, fresh and exciting. Armed with a video camera, participants must solve clues using the creative talents of the group and document their solutions with a photo or 5-second video.

The team building activity begins with a high-energy 20-minute session of introductions, icebreakers and warm ups building up to the launch of the main event. Participants then receive their clues and video equipment, and are charged with the task of using their powers of creativity and collaboration to collect their solutions and documentation. The teams are given one hour to complete the event and are awarded a set number of points for each successfully completed clue.

The White House, Pentagon and presidential yacht are popular points of interest in Washington, but teams may also find new and unusual locations to accomplish earn points. The action based clues could include taking a video of their group tossing a salad in a Washington-style restaurant, doing a “secret handshake” with a “politician” or obtaining a photo of the entire team under an arch.

The group’s trek is entirely at the participants’ discretion. Teams can travel to any location that will best serve them to solve clues. Communication, problem solving and cooperation are key concepts for the exercise and there is no right or wrong solution. The creative opportunities for deciphering clues are endless.

At the end of the session, teams return to the starting point where their videos will be extracted, pooled and merged into an entertaining 30-minute presentation. Philly Hops works closely with clients to accommodate their individual needs and goals. An Anything Goes Video Treasure Hunt can be customized to meet a wide range of requirements and adapted for philanthropic organizations.

Fans can follow the firm on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Visitors to the company’s website can obtain the free report, “9 Steps to Organizing a Successful Team Building Event”.

Expanding the Anything Goes Treasure Hunt to encompass the Washington area provides companies with an opportunity to experience the options available from one of the premiere team building organizations in the U.S. The firm offers a large variety of “foodie” based and problem-solving programs, all of which are specially developed to increase productivity and effectiveness within the workplace. Philly Hops programs provide the perfect recipe for success in the business arena.

Philly Hops can be reached by phone at 215-426-5644 or via email with the convenient form on the website. For more information, visit the website at